Bonus/Master MP3 CD

With this option we will create ONE “Master MP3 CD” for you,
which contains the audio from all of your CDs.

In addition to the standard CDs we create for you,
having one Master MP3 CD is a great way to have all of your audio CDs combined onto 1 disc.

The only thing you will need in order to listen to this special CD is an MP3 player.
MP3 CDs will NOT play in all regular CD players. If you do not have an MP3 player,
they are readily available for purchase at most any department store, and are very commonplace.
Also, most any DVD player is already capable of playing these special MP3 CDs.

General info: the sound quality of an MP3 CD is exactly the same as any standard CD.
However, when we combine your CDs’ files into an MP3 format,
up to 30 hours of audio is able to be put onto a single CD (instead of only 80 minutes).

Please feel free to email or call us with any questions.