MediaLocks Cassette to CD Order Page

~We will notify you via email when your cassettes arrive at our studio~
Your order will be completed in 3-7 days, and all cassettes returned to you in original condition.
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Please choose a Title for your new CD,
if not already listed on cassette.

(This will be printed directly onto CD disc)

Cassette # 1
Cassette # 2
Cassette # 3
Cassette # 4
Cassette # 5
Cassette # 6
Cassette # 7
Cassette # 8
Cassette # 9
Cassette #10
Cassette #11
Cassette #12
Cassette #13
Cassette #14
Cassette #15

Please add any special instructions or requests here : (we are very flexible)



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Order Page Worksheet ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(Please feel free to contact us for a quote or we can contact you with pricing when your order is completed)

Number of transferred tapes to CD (Without Track Separations)
x $15.95
(PLEASE NOTE: Cassettes over 75 minutes in length are considered 2 tapes)
Number of transferred tapes to CD With Track Separations
x $19.95
(optional) Duplicate Copies
x (each CD-add $4.95)

(All duplicate copies will include the identical
disk, also track separations when ordered with original.)

(optional) Upgrade to "Jewel Case"
x (each case-add $5.00)

(With track titles listed on back cover)

(optional) Your custom photo/cover art on CD case
x (each case-add $5.00)

(Scanned and printed on high gloss photo paper)

(optional) One Bonus/Master MP3 CD
x (first copy- $15.00)

(One Master MP3 CD which contains the audio from all CDs)

x (ea. extra copy- $4.95)
(optional) Permanent Storage/Archival Service
x (each CD-add $4.95)

(Store permanent back-up copies of your CDs)

Wa. State residents add 8.2% sales tax (subtotal x .082)
Standard "Media Mail" Shipping
(USA) -Entire order- up to 50 cassettes add $6.95
(5-10 days shipping time)
(Faster shipping options)
Priority Mail: 2-3 days (1-3 cassettes) $12.95
Priority Mail: 2-3 days (4-10 cassettes) $14.95
Priority Mail: 2-3 days (11-20 cassettes) $16.95
Payment Options:
1) Enclose money order or personal check with this order (payable to MediaLocks)

2) Provide your credit/debit card information below (MC/VISA/Discover/AMEX)
- - - exp. date / cvv code (what is this?)


3) Call us with your MC/Visa/Discover information, after you receive our email confirmation that your order has arrived.

Send your cassettes

Organize your cassettes

  1. Please TYPE in, PRINT out, and INCLUDE this Order Page with your cassette(s).
  2. If sending more than one cassette, please label each one with a number, send a note or describe to us which title, photo or cover art goes with each cassette.
  3. If you have ordered our Jewel Case upgrade and the track titles are not listed on the cassette, please include a TYPED or NEATLY PRINTED track listing with the name of each song.

Send your cassettes

  1. Place your cassettes and our Order Page, along with any instructions, photos or cover art in a box or well-protected padded envelope.
  2. Deliver in person or send your complete order to our address listed below. Priority mail from the US Postal Service is a great choice and is very economical. UPS and FedEx also provide excellent service and can be used as well.
  3. We have included a shipping label for your convenience.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


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To: MediaLocks
2127 Rice Rd.
Chehalis, WA. 98532
(360) 763-9464

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