The following are our 3 separate Bulk Discount options:

 (For orders of 200+ Tapes)

_____________(Option 1: $12.00 per cassette tape)____________

With this service, each cassette tape is put onto its own separate CD. (In other words, one CD for each cassette).

Each CD label will list the same title and information as listed on the cassette. This standard playable CD can easily be copied as is, and can hold up to 75 minutes of audio. Audio tapes that extend past 75 minutes require a 2nd CD and are completed as a “double CD set” (cost $24.00).

Advantages: 100% ready to be copied to additional CDs


______________(Option 2: $10.00 per cassette tape)____________

For a further discount, and also a more convenient storage/archival method we offer MP3 CDs. With this service we combine several tapes onto fewer CDs, with the exact same quality of sound as the Standard CD.

However, when recorded in an MP3 format, about 30 hours or more of audio is able to be put onto a single CD (instead of only 80 minutes). When we create this type of MP3 CD, each of the many files on the CD would represent one individual cassette. Each of these files would also have the exact same title as the cassette tape.

This way you are able to put the MP3 CD into a computer and easily identify and locate any particular tape.

From this point, you can easily create your own additional MP3 CDs, or with the proper software, convert them into Standard CDs, which can play anywhere and not require an MP3 player.

Also, as an additional benefit, there is no extra charge for tapes that extend over 80 minutes as this type of CD can hold over 30 hours of audio.

Advantages: Lowest pricing, and greater storage capability.


____________ (Option 3: $10.00 per cassette tape) ___________

Very similar to the above MP3 archival method, is cassette tape conversion to DVD data discs. As with MP3 CDs above, we would combine several cassette tapes onto much fewer DVDs.

These standard DVDs can hold even more information than MP3 CDs and would ALSO contain many individual files, each representing one cassette tape.

Again (as with MP3 CDs above) each individual file on the DVD would have the identical title as listed on each cassette tape, enabling any particular cassette on the DVD to be very easily located.

An additional advantage to this DVD archival method over MP3 CDs is even greater storage capability. You can choose to have us place approx. 200 MP3 files (audio cassettes) onto a single DVD, or about 15 standard CD files, whichever you would prefer.

Though not as many standard CD files (.wav) can fit onto a DVD, they are 100% completely ready to be burned into standard CDs that will play anywhere.

Advantages: Lowest pricing, and even greater storage capability.


For optimum storage capacity and flexibility, we can also place the MP3,
Standard CD files, or both onto any sized external hard drive you own/provide.



Technical information, and what is included

With each and every cassette tape, we can improve the sound quality of the original recording through various techniques. Our first step prior to recording, is to adjust the tape’s input and equalization levels. Next, each cassette tape is played through from beginning to end on high end equipment where it is then digitalized and carefully analyzed.

Once the tape has been converted to this new digital form, we start our enhancements and editing processes by eliminating the large "silent gaps" that are very common in most all audio tapes (examples: tape lead‑in and lead‑out times, and also the center of the tape as it switches sides).

With some tapes (at the end of the first side) a speaker may say something like "please turn the tape over for the continuation... ", or at the end may say "please rewind this tape..." etc, we will eliminate those words if they are present. If the recording simply continues to the next side without a "speaker" giving instructions to rewind etc, then we reduce that large center gap to around 3 seconds so that the CD is seamed together and flows nicely without any noticeable large interruption. All editing is done by hand and words are never cut off.

Another feature we include is called "Volume Normalization". If any cassette tape has been recorded at too low of a volume, we will amplify the new digital file to a normal level. Once all audio files are in our system, we group them together and process them through a great program which ensures the audio volume is consistent on all CDs/DVDs. In other words if there are a few tapes that have been recorded too low and hard to hear, and a few that were "overwhelmingly" loud... they would all have the same volume on the final CDs/DVDs.

Next, we run all files through a mild hiss reduction filter prior to completion. Then test and re‑test each CD or DVD... always using the highest quality media available.

In summary, we individually analyze each cassette tape and improve its quality whenever possible. All of the above-mentioned enhancements and edits are always included with each cassette tape’s transfer to the new digital format.

One final editing option that is available to you at no extra charge

Many churches have requested to have only their sermons/messages transferred from cassettes, not any portion of the worship service. If this is preferred, we are happy to locate just the sermons and transfer only that part of the service.

Available file formats

(.wav)(.aiff)(.mp3)(.wma)(sun/java)(.Ulaw)(.Alaw)(Ogg Vorbis)(ADPCM)(ASCI) and more
(MP3 files are also ready for use with internet websites)