Frequently Asked Questions/Info

Q:Should I crop or cut the edges off of my photographs before I send them to you?
A: No, You don't need to crop photos, trim the edges off them or prepare them in any way for us. We scan them as they are and then are done with the pictures themselves. Next with our new scanned digital photo, we cut off white border edges, and crop (only when obvious to do so) the photos in our system. Also if they are too dark, we'll lighten them slightly. If they are damaged or torn, many times we can digitally fix them. Any and all modifications we make to your pictures are included in the price of $1.35 per photo.
Q:There are certain songs I would like to play during my slideshow, do you provide the music?
A: We would be happy to add as many songs as you would like to your slideshow. However, you must provide your own music due to copyright laws. If no music is provided to us, we will normally add classical music to your entire production.
Q:I want a certain song to play for a few photos, then a different song to play for the next group. What if the length of my songs doesn't match the number of photos?
A: No problem at all!! The length of the songs and the number of photos rarely match. If the song is too long, we slowly fade the music out until that group of photos comes to an end. If the song is too short, we simply repeat the song until that photo group ends.
Q:The pictures I want in my slideshow are all different sizes, some are wallet size and others are large portraits. How will this look on my TV, and are different size pictures ok?
A: Absolutely!! whether your pictures are small or large, they will all appear the same size on your TV. Even very small pictures can remain clear on large TVs.

Q:What is your turn-around time? I have an event coming up and need my slide show back very soon.
A: Our normal turn-around time once we receive your photos is 7-14 days. If you need them sooner than that just let us know, we will start your DVD the same day we receive your photos and send everything back out within 3 days (no extra charge). There is also the option of paying a little more for 2nd day or even Next Day Air if you really need your Photo Slide Show back fast, or by a certain date. Just let us know and we will make sure you have your new DVD in time.
Q:Do you keep a copy of my photos or DVD in case I ever want another one in the future?
A:No, however we do keep a back-up file of your photos until you receive your originals back. Then, after 2 weeks we delete all photos from our system. If you decide you would like additional copies in the future, you can simply send the DVD back to us for duplication.