Frequently Asked Questions/Info

Q:What is your ordering process?
A: The best way to proceed is to click the "Order form" button located at the bottom of the "Record to CD" page. Simply fill out and complete this form by typing into all the blank spaces. Next, select any options you would like such as, Jewel Case Upgrade, duplicate copies etc. etc. (you can also add any special instructions on this form).
Next, once the form is completed , print it out and include this form with your records when sending in your order.

(note: If you do not have a printer, simply include your contact information when sending in your media.)

You are welcome to send payment ahead of time (personal check, money order etc.) if you know your exact total. If you are unsure of your total or would simply prefer, you may also call us at anytime with your payment information after receiving our email confirmation that your order has arrived at our studio. We gladly accept Debit cards MC/VISA and Discover, (you are also able to include this information on your order form).

Next, package your order (records and order form) in a box and send them to our studio address listed below:

2127 Rice Rd.
Chehalis, WA. 98532

we will send you an email confirmation when your order arrives, and another email confirmation (with tracking number) when your order is sent back to you.

Q:How long does it take to get my order back?
A: Our normal turn-around time is 3-7 business days after receiving your order. If you need it back faster, please let us know of any deadline you may have and we will expedite your order at no extra charge. For even quicker service, there are always various shipping options such as Priority Mail, Express Overnight Service etc.

Q:How is my record converted to CD?
A: Every record we convert to CD receives careful individual attention. Each is cleaned-up by hand (if necessary) with soft material and high pressure air. Next, we play your record just one time as it is digitized into our system (converted from analog to digital). From this point we eliminate/edit out the lead-in and lead-out times that are common with records. This way the first audio track starts playing within 2-3 seconds after being inserted into your CD player. Further editing continues as we insert silence between all of the individual tracks and create a separate file for each one. (Track Separations are included with all record orders.)

After we have created the individual files from your record, we run all of the newly created files through a very special filtration system. This special software basically eliminates the thousands of pops and micro-crackling that is very common with vinyl records. In the final process, all of these files are put onto CD and are ready to play.

If your record is of live music, we normally prefer NOT to add Track Separations. There are 2 reasons for this: (1) It can be very difficult to locate the individual songs, which increases the likelihood of more than one song on a single track. (2) When a track is created in live music, it places an odd 2-3 second silent space in the audio.

Q:Can I make my own copies of the CDs Medialocks creates?
A: Yes, your new CDs belong to you, we have no copy-protection built into them. They are very flexible and can easily be downloaded into your computer for IPOD use or making additional copies.
Q:Will I get my records back?
A: Yes, your records will always be returned to you just as we received them.
Q:Do you keep a back-up of my records?
A:Yes, we keep a back-up file of your records in our system for about 2-3 weeks after we send them back out to you. If something were to happen to them during shipping, we could easily reproduce the same CDs. We have not had to implement this system as of yet, but it is in place just in case.

Q:My record is broken or warped badly, can this be fixed and transferred to CD?
A:Unfortunately, we cannot fix broken or cracked records. However many times we can still get them to play, it depends on how smoothly the break can be held together when we try to play them. Often times we can tape the other side of the record, and still get it to play pretty well, however this is a case by cases basis.

Warped records can also be salvaged many times, but not reparied/flattened. If the warpage is not too extreme, we can apply a little more pressure to the needle and get it to stay on the record. Again, it depends on how wevere the damage is.

Q:What about scratches?
A:Scratches cannot be repaired, but can often times still play through fine. The severity/depth of the scratch will determine if the record can be played without skipping. Deep scratches will inevitably make the record skip, which will leave a slight "bump" in the audio on your CD.
Q:Do you list my song titles on the CD or case?
A:Yes, all song titles are listed on the back of a jewel case. This is included with all record orders, we do not list song titles on the CD itself.
Q:My records were "self-made" from one of those recording booths 50-60 years ago, can you transfer these?
A:Absolutely, we can transfer ALL varieties of records. It doesn't matter their size, original recording speeds, or whether they are plastic or metal... we transfer them all.
Q:Can you combine several records onto a single CD?
A:Yes we can. We can combine as many records as you would like onto a single CD as long as the combined audio does not exceed 80 minutes. However, the price per record does not change, as each record is individually processed. If you would like your records combined to fewer CDs, we would be more than happy to do this for you as a convenience. Please indicate this preference in the "Special Instruction" portion of our order page when sending in your records.
Q:Do you accept orders from Canada and other countries?
A:Yes, everything is exactly the same for our foreign country customers. The only difference will be the cost of shipping back to you. Shipping costs are determined by the size of your order and your location, we can provide you a more exact quote once we receive your order. Payment can be made in US funds by Money Order, Bank Check, or MC/VISA. Sorry we do not accept personal checks drawn on banks outside the US.
Q:What type of files are the CDs I receive?
A:The CDs we create are very flexible audio files. If you load them into your computer they will say .cda which simply stands for CD Audio.
Q:Can I pick and choose individual songs from a record to be put onto CD?
A:Generally no, however we do on occasion provide this service with LPs. You must include very clear instructions with your records regarding song locations (LP title, side, track name etc.) The cost is $12.00 per side selected, with no limit to the number of songs from that particular side. You can choose just 1 song or several, but again the cast is $12.00 per LP side, with a 2 side ($24.00) minimum.
Q:Do you supply any music or songs that I can purchase?
A:No, MediaLocks does not sell any songs or music. We provide a transfer service only of songs you already own.

Q:I am nervous about sending my records, how can I know they will be safe?
A:We have GREAT news in this area!!! We have never even once had an order not reach us that has been sent. Nor have we ever even sent out an order that did not reach its destination. We also send every order out with a tracking number, as well as keep a digital back-up of your recordings for about 2-3 weeks from the time your package leaves. If something were to happen to it, we could easily make identical CDs and send them out again.

The best way to send/protect your records is to completely enclose them in a box, or sandwich them between several layers of cardboard. For further assurance, you can always purchase some type of tracking number through the regular US Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS. We will then email you when your order arrives.