Frequently Asked Questions/Info

Q:What is your ordering process?
A: The best way to proceed is to click the " Order form " button located just above the large "Customer Comment" section on the " Video to DVD " page. Simply fill out and complete this form by typing into all the blank spaces. Next, select any options you would like such as duplicate copies, custom cover photo, etc (you can also add any special instructions on this form).
Next, once the form is completed, print it out and include this form with your video tapes when sending in your order.

(note: If you do not have a printer, simply include your contact information when sending in your media.)

You are welcome to send payment ahead of time (personal check, money order etc.) if you know your exact total. If you are unsure of your total or would simply prefer, you may also call us at anytime with your payment information after receiving our email confirmation that your order has arrived at our studio. We gladly accept MC/VISA/Discover/AMEX and debit cards, (you are also able to include this information on your order form).

Next, package your order (video tapes and order form) in a box or padded envelope and send them to our studio address listed below:


2127 Rice Rd.
Chehalis, WA. 98532

We will send you an email confirmation when your order arrives, and another email confirmation (with tracking number) when your order is sent back to you.

Q: How long does it take to complete my order?
A:Our normal turn-around time is 3-7 business days after receiving your order. If you need it back faster, please let us know of any deadline you may have and we will expedite your order at no extra charge. For even quicker service, there are always various return shipping options such as Priority Mail, Express Overnight Service etc.

Q: How is my video tape converted to DVD?
A: Every video tape we convert to DVD receives careful individual attention with the goal of improving the quality whenever possible. Each tape is played just one time, and is digitized into our system (converted from analog to digital). There is a never a situation where we simply put a tape into one side, and out comes a DVD on the other. With each tape, we start by fast forwarding and rewinding it to ensure it flows freely. Next, we also at this time adjust input and volume levels. Once these adjustments are made and set, we then rewind your tape and start recording from the beginning. We will always record the entire tape (unless otherwise instructed) to make sure no video is left out.

From this point after the entire tape has been recorded, we eliminate/cut out any large blank spaces/gaps that are very common at the beginnings and ends of tapes. Next we scan through your footage at a higher speed to locate any large blank spaces. If we locate any larger blank spaces, we will zoom into that area, and delete that section. We don’t watch all of any tape, so a small blank space would probably be left in if less than 10 seconds.

Once this process is completed, we will add an opening “Title Page” (about 10 seconds in length) to the beginning of the video footage. This is of course the title of the tape that you choose. This title will also be printed on the disc itself, on the front of the DVD case, and also on the spine of the DVD case. A high quality black DVD case is included.

Q: How many videos/minutes can fit onto a DVD?
A: A DVD can hold approximately 2 hours. If your tape is longer in length than 2 hours it would require an additional DVD to transfer the entire tape's video. In this case we would normally split the tape into 2 equal length DVDs to preserve the quality. Next we would print the same title onto the DVDs, then add “Part 1 of 2” and “Part 2 of 2”, and put them into a double case. Please note: A double DVD set is priced as 2 video tapes.

Q: I have several shorter length tapes, can these be combined onto a single DVD?
A: Yes, we can combine as many tapes as you would like onto a single DVD as long as the combined videos do not exceed 2 hours.
When several shorter length tapes are combined, the cost for any additional tapes added to the DVD (after the 1 st) would be the reduced price of $15.00 each. For example: If you had 3 tapes that would fit onto a single DVD (2 hour limit still applies). Instead of $20.00 for each video... only the first tape would be $20.00, with any additional tape added to that same DVD $15.00 each. So the 3 video tapes combined to 1 DVD for example would be $50 ($20 + $15 + $15 = $50.00).
Q: I don’t know how long my tapes are, how will I know the cost or how many DVDs my order will take?
A: If the tape lengths are not known, we would not know either, until they have all been recorded. You don’t need to determine the length of your tapes ahead of time. We can simply transfer your tapes no matter the length (short or long). If the cost or number of tapes is a concern, we can always let you know their lengths before any final transfer to DVD.
Q: Can I combine my video tapes together? I have several home video tapes of different lengths... can they just be ran back to back?
A: Yes, most customers have video tapes that are of very typical “home videos” (as we all have gathered over time). Usually the best idea with these, is to have us run the tapes consecutively one after another.

From this point after all video tapes have been recorded, we simple create a new DVD every 2 hours until all videos have been transferred. If you would like your videos combined to as few DVDs as necessary, we would be more than happy to do this for you as a convenience. Please indicate this preference in the "Special Instruction" portion of our order page when sending in your tapes.

One further note, (if you would like your videos combined), it helps to mark each tape with a number in the order you would like them transferred. Ideally if there were dates on the outsides of the tapes, this would be easy. If you have no idea what order your tapes are in, sometimes during the original recording, the dates will be superimposed over the footage. If we can identify these dates/timestamps, we can arrange the tapes in the proper order.

Again, in this case, just include a note letting us know to either to “Run the tapes in consecutive date order if possible”, or we can always record them in random order if no proper sequence is known.

Also, if there is a tape or two you do NOT want in sequence, simple mark that tape to be put onto its own separate DVD.
Q: Can I make my own copies of the DVDs Medialocks creates?
A: Yes, your new DVDs belong to you, we have no copy-protection built into them. They are very flexible and duplicates can be made if you have the equipment and ability.
Q: My video tapes are of a very personal nature, will anyone be watching my videos?
A: No, we don’t watch or monitor customers’ video tapes as they are being played/digitized for transfer to DVD. Once we set a tape up to start recording, it is simply left alone until it is finished playing. We will however (for editing purposes once the entire tape has been recorded), scan the file at a very high speed to determine if there are any large blank spaces. If blank spaces are found we’ll eliminate those gaps before transferring the files to DVD. If a gap is 10 seconds or less, we would most likely not catch that small of a blank space to eliminate before transferring to DVD.
Q: Do you keep a back-up of my tapes?
A: Yes Temporarily). We keep a back-up file of your tapes in our system only for about 4 weeks after we send them back out to you. These are kept as a shipping safety net. If something were to happen to them during return shipping, we could reproduce the exact same DVDs. We have not had to implement this system as of yet, but it is in place just in case. After approx. 4 weeks, we delete all files. We do however offer a "Permanent Storage Archive" for $9.95 each DVD saved, where we keep a back-up DVD duplicate on hand permanently for security, and any future duplication neds.

Q: Once I get my DVDs back, can I order more duplicates at a later time?
A: Yes, there are 3 ways to get more duplicate copies after you receive your order back, if you didn’t order enough duplicate copies with your original order.

ONE, since we keep a back-up for approx. 4 weeks, just let us know shortly after receiving your DVDs back that you would like to order more. We will still have all of the files on hand (for those 4 weeks) to make identical copies. Simply email or call us and let us know how many you would like. The price would be the same as if you ordered them with your original order. You would NOT need to re-send your video tapes or DVDs.

TWO, we do offer a “Permanent Archive Back-Up” for $9.95 per DVD. With this order form option, we will simply make an additional copy of your DVD and keep it here at our studio permanently. You can order more copies anytime in the future, just let us know. This extra duplicate we make to keep on hand will always belong to you. If at some point you decide you never need any more, or don’t need a back-up, simply ask any archived copy to be returned to you... you would only need to pay the return shipping.

THREE, if an archive was not originally ordered, the 4 weeks have passed, and all files have been deleted. You are always welcome to send back the original DVD for duplication. Again, the duplicate cost would be the same as if you ordered it with your original order.
Q: My video tape is broken, can you repair it for me?
A: Yes, we can repair 99% of the tapes that are broken. The charge is $12.00 for a simple splice repair. If more extensive repairs are required, we will let you know the estimated cost before proceeding. Please note: If any part of the tape itself is damaged (crinkled, twisted etc.), that portion would need to be removed.
Q: Will I get my video tapes back?
A: Yes, your video tapes will always be returned to you just as we received them.
Q: Do you accept orders from Canada and other countries?
A: Yes, everything is exactly the same for our "Out of the USA" customers. The only difference will be the cost of shipping back to you. Shipping costs are determined by the size of your order and your location, we can provide you a more exact quote once we receive your order. Shipping costs typically vary between $16 - $24 for our Canadian customers. Also, payment does need to be made in US funds via MC/VISA/Discover/AMEX/Debit. Unfortunately, our bank does not accept personal checks or money orders drawn on banks outside the US.
Q: What type of files are the DVDs I receive?
A: The DVDs we create are typical DVD files that can be played in any DVD player, computer etc.
Q: Can I edit the DVDs myself once I have them back?
A: No, the DVDs we create are “finalized”, and cannot be edited in their finished form. However, if you would like to edit your video footage there is a way!! You would need to send in a portable hard drive with your video tapes, and request your tapes be converted into either .avi or .mpeg files. In this case no DVDs would be created, but instead the videos converted to industry common files (.avi or .mpeg) onto your provided hard drive. From this point, you would be able to open up these files using any common video editing program you would like, and perform your own editing. Again in this case, no DVDs would be created... just digital files onto your hard drive.
Q: Can you supply any background music to a “silent film” video tape?
A: Yes, we can add classical type of background music to the entire DVD for an additional $5.00
Q: I am nervous about sending my video tapes, how can I know they will be safe?
A: We have GREAT news in this area!!! We have never even once had an order not reach us that has been sent. Nor have we ever even sent out an order that did not reach its destination. We also send every order out with a tracking number, as well as keep a digital back-up of your recordings for about 4 weeks from the time your package leaves. If something were to happen to it, we could easily make identical DVDs and send them out again.

The best way to send/protect your video tapes is to completely enclose them in a box. For further assurance, you can always purchase some type of tracking number through the regular US Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS. We will then email you when your order arrives.