Permanent Storage/Archival Service

With this option offered by Medialocks, we make an extra master
copy of your exact DVD(s) and permanently store them here in our studio.

Any DVDs we create will always belong to you.
They are only kept here as a permanent back-up system,
and as a convenience for any future duplication needs.

There are several advantages to this optional service:

* If your DVDs were ever to become lost, stolen or destroyed, a new set could be easily created by us at anytime by simply giving us a call and ordering more.

* If you ever decide you would like additional copies made, there is no need to re-send video tapes for conversion to DVD, we will already have Master DVD copies archived here… you can just order more.

* With this archival service we also save all information regarding your DVD titles, photos (if included) or any other information sent with your original order.
For example: if your original order included a DVD with custom photo/cover art and title, we would keep (at no extra charge) all of this information here on file. This would allow us to create the exact same DVDs, cases, photos etc as your original order. You only need to let us know, without re-sending any materials.

* If at anytime you would like your Master DVD copies back, just pay the return shipping and we’ll send them out right away... again they belong to you!!!

The cost to re-produce any additional duplicate DVDs, photos, cases etc
is exactly the same as if ordered with your original order.

Duplicate DVDs: $9.95
Custom Photo Prints: $5.00
Shipping: $5.95 - $12.95