Track Separations

Track Separations are normally added to a CD when a cassette tape contains songs.
Each song/track is individually separated and recorded onto the CD.
This allows you to skip around on the CD and locate each individual song.
Otherwise, the entire CD will play as 1 long continuous track.

*Track Separations are included with duplicate copies when ordered with the original.

Please note the following items on LIVE music, Homemade and Speaking tapes:

  1. LIVE Music: Individual Tracks are NOT separated on "Live Music" recordings, since there is no obvious "silent breaks" between songs for us to manually locate.
    Also, Track Separations added to any Live audio will always place a very unnatural 2-3 second "silent spot" in the audio.
  2. Homemade: When homemade cassette tapes contain individual songs, Track Separations at times may not be completely accurate.
    For 100% accuracy at least 2-3 seconds between each song/track is required. If your cassette tape(s) were not originally created with the needed "2-3 second silence" between each song/track, we CAN still add tracks ... however please keep in mind tracks will only be added whenever we can locate obvious breaks.
  3. Speaking Tapes: Cassette tapes that are of a person speaking CAN also have Track Separations added. With these tapes, we simply add tracks every 5-7 minutes. Words are never cut off and all separations are always done by hand.

* Please keep in mind that we do not completely listen to each individual tape, other than initial set-up of input, volume and equalization levels. Tracks are created based on us visually being able to locate blank spaces between songs/tracks/segments. For this reason we are not able to add tracks based soley on what the audio sounds like. For example the "sound" of a song changing, or a person on a speaking tape saying "chapter 1" or "part 2" etc..